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Yoga Classes

Fusion Flow

Class starts with a warm up then flows into moves that are designed to improve your cardiovascular system and increase strength and flexibility.

Vinyasa Flow

Linking breath with body. Focus on alignment with gentle movements to build strength and flexibility.

Gentle Yoga

Linking breath with body. Focus on alignment with gentle movements to build strength, balance and flexibility.

Chair Yoga

For those with physical limitations. Students practice while sitting in a chair or standing beside a chair for support.

For all Yoga Inquiries please contact yoga teaches directly.

Dennis Lewis



Dennis Lewis

Before becoming interested in yoga Dennis had an amazing career in manufacturing, then served in the US Air Force working on the SR-71 and U2 aircraft. He did a tour in Desert Storm. Later he was employed in high tech and now works as an electro-mechanical technician. After decades working on machinery Dennis felt something was missing. Though involved with esoteric studies there was that nagging feeling there must be something more to life. Cues from esoteric studies and from projects utilizing high technologies reveled

a hidden aspect in Dennis' personality, a latent desire to teach. He wanted to be involved working with people instead of on machinery.

As an avid recreational bicyclist, Dennis took up yoga in the Spring of 2010 to balance the muscular effects of biking. Soon practicing several times a week, yoga became his passion. The two passions teaching and yoga came together! He has attained his 300 hr. yoga certificates.

Dennis leads an easy to moderate vinyasa flow tailoring positions as needed. His concentration is on breath balance and flow referring to yoga as a moving meditation, a metaphor for life wherein one practices balance effort and ease.

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